If conditions permit, the Capital Regional District (CRD) Integrated Water Services periodically transfers the source of drinking water supply for the Regional Water Supply System serving most of Greater Victoria, from Sooke Lake Reservoir to the Goldstream Reservoir System in order to inspect the Kapoor Tunnel. The District of Sooke and a portion of East Sooke are not affected by the transfer. If heavy precipitation is forecast, the inspection may be postponed. 

What is the Kapoor Tunnel?

Just below the Sooke Lake Reservoir Dam is the Head Tank, which balances flow in the water transmission system to the Core, West Shore, and Saanich Peninsula communities. From the Head Tank, water enters the Kapoor Tunnel, which transports water to the ultraviolet disinfection facility at Japan Gulch. The tunnel is 8.8 kilometres long, 2.3 metres in diameter and concrete lined. The tunnel is over 300 metres deep through the deepest sections.

Why do we inspect the Kapoor Tunnel?

The CRD conducts the Kapoor Tunnel inspection for a number of reasons. The primary reason for the inspection is to visually assess the inside of the tunnel and the structural integrity of the concrete tunnel structure, a vital infrastructure component of the drinking water supply system serving 390,000 residents of Greater Victoria. While the tunnel inspection is not a prescribed regulatory requirement, the CRD wants to ensure the drinking water infrastructure remains in good, reliable working order. In conjunction with the tunnel inspection, other critical water infrastructure components such as the Intake Tower, Screens and Head Tank are also inspected and maintained as needed.

The inspection also gives the CRD an opportunity to practice the switch to the designated backup water source, the Goldstream Reservoir System. In an emergency situation that requires abandoning Sooke Lake Reservoir as the source of water supply, the CRD is prepared to implement this complicated switch-over procedure.

How does the Kapoor Tunnel inspection affect my water?

While the Kapoor Tunnel is being inspected and the Goldstream Reservoir System is being used as the drinking water source, lower water pressure may be experienced in Langford, View Royal, and Saanich north of the TransCanada Highway. No interruption in service is expected. Residents may notice a slight change in the colour and taste of the water, however the water remains safe to drink.

How do I get more information about the Kapoor Tunnel Inspection?

Further information can be obtained by calling CRD Integrated Water Services at 250.474.9619

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