If your water is off:

Please report any water outages in the Juan de Fuca Water Distribution Service Area or Local Service Areas to 250.474.9600 (8:30-4:30, Mon-Fri). For after hours emergencies, call 250.474.9630 or 1.855.822.4426. Check our water outage map to search for emergency and planned water service disruption information in your area including the cause and estimated time of restoration.

  1. Determine if the interruption is widespread or only affecting your property.
  2. Keep all hot and cold water faucets turned off.
  3. Don't use any household appliances that require water (e.g., shower, bath, built in fridge ice-maker, dish washer, washing machine, etc.).
  4. Check whether we're already aware of your water outage.

Outage and alert information may be updated as additional details become available. Please check back regularly.