The Capital Regional District is pleased to offer you the convenience of RSS to receive our latest employment opportunity information.


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What is RSS?

RSS - or Really Simple Syndication – allows you to receive new information from your favourite websites quickly and conveniently. Using a format called XML, RSS collects the latest updates from your selected sites (for example, the CRD Employment Opportunities) and delivers the updates directly to your RSS reader.

In some cases, depending upon which RSS reader you choose, RSS will notify you when this information is updated. If your reader does not provide RSS updates, you can readily access this information by checking the RSS reader that you have saved in your 'favourites'.

Why use RSS?

  • It's timely: updates arrive in your RSS reader as changes occur on your subscribed sites.
  • It's convenient: receive the latest information directly in your RSS reader without having to surf through websites.

How do I subscribe?

Step 1. Install and launch your RSS reader

If you do not already have an RSS reader or compatible-browser installed (such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari), you can download one from the Internet.

Step 2. Locate the URL (web address) of the RSS feed

The URL for the Employment Opportunities feed is: rss_icon

Step 3. Copy the link and add it to your RSS reader

For detailed instructions on how to add news feeds, consult your RSS reader's help documentation.

Depending on the RSS reader you're using, you may be able to simply click on the RSS icon to subscribe. Or you may need to copy and paste the URL for the RSS feed into your RSS reader.

How do I unsubscribe?

To unsubscribe, simply delete the Employment Opportunities feed URL from your RSS reader. Check your RSS reader's help files for detailed instructions.