The CRD is developing a management plan for Mount Work Regional Park. The plan will provide both strategic and specific management direction and will guide environmental conservation, cultural heritage management, visitor use and park development over the next 15-20 years.

About the Park

Mount Work Regional Park is one of the largest regional parks in the CRD. The park was established in 1970 and has been expanded various times over the years. It is now 729 hectares in size and protects several sensitive ecosystems and provides critical habitat for provincially red-listed vegetation communities and wildlife. The park is classified as a regional natural area. The purpose of regional natural areas is to protect the natural environment and provide opportunities for a range of appropriate outdoor activities. At Mt. Work there are opportunities for walking/hiking, mountain biking, swimming, fishing, and kayaking/canoeing. Much, but not all, of the terrain in the park is considered moderate to challenging.

The Management Planning Process

The key steps of the planning process include:

  1. Project initiation - as the first step, staff gather existing background information and prepare for engagement.
  2. Initial engagement – engaging with First Nations, the public, and other key government agencies provides additional information about the park and input and ideas for its potential management. CRD aims to ensure that everyone's interests are considered as the management plan is developed.
  3. Drafting the Plan - a multi-disciplinary project team that includes planning, conservation, recreation, and operations expertise, is used to develop the draft management plan.
  4. Engagement on Draft Plan - once a draft plan is complete, it is released for public review and comment.
  5. Finalizing the Management Plan - once all of comments received are reviewed and considered, the management plan is finalized. The final proposed plan is provided to the Regional Parks Committee for consideration and the CRD Board for approval.
  6. Implementation - once the management plan is approved, it can begin to be implemented. In most cases, implementation actions are identified as short, medium or longer term in nature. Some actions may be undertaken right away, while other need to be incorporated into capital plans and work plans.

Status of Park Management Plan

May 2020 - The CRD Regional Parks Committee approved the Management Planning Priorities
June 2020 - The CRD Regional Parks Committee approved the Mount Work Management Plan engagement process 

Public Engagement

Initial public engagement for the Mt. Work Management Plan is anticipated in the Fall 2020. Opportunities to participate will be identified on this webpage and through the CRD’s social media.

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Carolyn Stewart, Park Planner