Water main improvements are provided through the Water Distribution Main Replacement Program, which is required to maintain or improve the level of service to the Juan de Fuca communities.

Much of the current distribution system was built by developers for servicing a subdivision and then handed over to the CRD. Other sections were originally operated as private water systems and transferred to the CRD. The result is a diverse variety in sizes and pipe materials and a varying degrees of construction quality.

Water Distribution Main Replacement Program

Prior to 1997, the annual water main replacement program was typically reactive. It consisted of replacing mains in areas where known problems existed, due to previous leaks or breaks, or where firefighting flows were suspected to be inadequate  compared to current standards.  An evaluation of the system was initiated in 1997 that resulted in a program to systematically schedule replacement works in advance of problems developing and optimize capital expenditure. Program priorities are
re-evaluated each year based on a number of criteria including pipe information (age, material, leak history, solid conductivity, etc.), expected remaining service life, hydraulic capacity, environmental, operational and political issue, and coordination with other projects.    

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