The lands acquired for regional parks and trails through the Land Acquisition Fund contribute significantly to the environmental, economic and social sustainability of the region.

The funds are generated through a levy set at a rate of $20 per average residential household. The fund is projected to generate approximately $3.7 million each year to 2019.

Land Acquisition Strategy

jordanriver2013A Land Acquisition Strategy provides the CRD Board with a road map for acquiring land to add to the regional parks and trails system. Future acquisition of land for regional parks and trails is guided by the CRD Regional Parks Strategic Plan 2012-2021. The long-term vision of a proposed regional system recognizes the existing broad system of interrelated park areas.


Since the establishment of the Land Acquisition Fund in 2000, CRD Regional Parks, with its partners, has purchased 4,485 hectares of land totaling $48 million. Of that total, CRD Regional Parks has contributed $35 million (73%) and partners have contributed $13 million (27%).

The fund is also made possible by the generous donations of our many partners: The Land Conservancy of BC, Nature Conservancy of Canada, governments of Canada and BC, Salt Spring Island Conservancy, land owners, individuals and business donors.

Annual Bulletin

The CRD publishes an annual summary of park land acquisitions and of the land acquisition fund.

History of the Fund

In 2000, the CRD Board established a ten-year Land Acquisition Fund at a rate of $10 per average residential household. The fund generated approximately $1.7 million per year to purchase land for regional parks and trails, as documented in the CRD Regional Parks Master Plan (2000). In 2010, the Board extended the Land Acquisition Fund for another ten years and increased the fund by $2 per average residential household per year, to a maximum of $20 in 2014 through to 2019.

Mary Lake Acquisition

Land has been purchased from the Greater Victoria Greenbelt Society near Mary Lake. Read more>>

Sea to Sea Acquisition

CRD acquires land for the Sea To Sea Regional Park. Read more >>