The CRD offers free water use audits to facilities in the ICI sector in Greater Victoria. Water audits are an effective way to determine water uses and efficiency of facilities, and can help to identify conservation opportunities and to measure water savings.

Water use audits can help to identify the most cost-effective ways to increase savings and to reduce water use.

The CRD has conducted over 40 water use audits at different facilities throughout the region, including food services, offices, retail, schools, municipal buildings and in the hospitality industry. Based on the type of facility, there are certain areas for savings usually seen:

Type of Facility Areas for Water Savings
Food Services Once through cooling in walk in coolers and freezers and ice machines, toilets, kitchen equipment
Office Toilets, server room once-through water cooled air conditioners, irrigation systems, cooling towers
Retail Toilets, food courts, irrigation systems
Institutional Toilets, continuous flush urinals, irrigation systems

No matter the type of facility, areas that will always show water savings are removing once-through water cooled equipment, and removing old, water wasting toilets.

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