Benefits of Rain Water Harvesting

  • Water harvesting can serve as a supplement to municipal water. In times of low water availability, water held in catchments/cisterns may be used for gardening or other non-potable needs.
  • Using harvested water contributes to water conservation and reduces water demands in urban areas.
  • Rainwater harvesting can reduce storm drainage load.
  • Rainwater harvesting technologies are flexible and can be built to meet almost any requirements. Construction, operation, and maintenance are not labour intensive.
  • Some buildings divert rainwater to help with functions such as toilet flushing

Rain Barrels

Rainbarrel200Installing rain barrels at the downspouts of your eaves troughs is a great way to collect rainwater to use on your lawn or in the garden during dry summer months. Some important tips to remember when installing a rain barrel are:

  • Make sure it has a secured lid to prevent children and wildlife from gaining access, breeding mosquitoes and contamination.
  • Use a piece of window screen to catch debris.
  • Install an overflow attachment and hose attachment for watering.
  • Position the barrel high enough to be able to place a bucket or watering can beneath the tap.

rainbarrel-faucet175For a very small investment of time and materials you can collect hundreds of litres of free water for your garden every year. For information about purchasing rain barrels in the Capital Regional District, please see the following resources:

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