Clean Water Begins at Home

cleanwater-logoAs residents within the capital region, we are part of our environment’s water cycle. We all play a role in how clean the water is when it returns to the environment, whether as rain through drains in the stormwater system, or as wastewater through your septic or sanitary sewer system. These actions not only protect the environment but your property.

The following CRD services offer a wide range of tips, tools and other resources to help you take action.

Preventing Stormwater Pollution

Do you know that water that falls as rain on your property can cause pollution? Many of the activities that we carry out on our residential properties impact the health of our local creeks, rivers and the ocean. As our communities develop, the increase in impervious surfaces results in much higher surface runoff. This surface runoff from urban areas is termed stormwater. When rainwater travels over our driveways and properties it can pick up chemicals, metals, dirt and oils and convey them to our waterways via our stormwater system.

The following information will assist you to take action around your property to prevent pollution and manage your rainwater before it enters our stormwater system. Read more >>

Preventing Sewer Backups and Inflow & Infiltration

Having your sewer lateral inspected helps identify issues before a backup occurs. Issues can include cracked pipes, root intrusion and cross connections. Identifying and addressing these issues will not only protect your private property but will also protect the environment and reduce wastewater treatment costs. There are many actions we can take, including source control and septic system maintenance, to prevent sewer back-ups. Read more >>

What You Put Down the Drain Matters!

Even with advanced wastewater treatment, contaminants can remain in the water and impact the environment and infrastructure. Source Control is The First Step in wastewater treatment. Proper handling of waste medication, detergents, fats, oils, and grease, and household hazardous waste remains important regardless of the level of treatment.

What you put down the drain matters. Here are some quick, easy and free actions to take to help keep our local environment clean, protect our private property and help maintain our wastewater infrastructure. Read more >>

Septic Maintenance and Septic Savvy

Septic Systems are an important wastewater treatment option for homeowners in the Capital Region. Also known as onsite wastewater treatment systems, septic systems provide household disposal of wastewater where sewers are either unavailable or too expensive. Currently, septic systems serve approximately 26,000 households in our region. A properly working septic system is an environmentally friendly and economically sound treatment option.

The CRD provides information materials to help support owners of onsite wastewater treatment systems. A Bylaw for regular maintenance is in effect in Colwood, Langford, Saanich and View Royal. Read more >>

Source Control is The First Step

Even with advanced wastewater treatment, what you put down the drain matters. Some contaminants can impact infrastructure or the environment, even after treatment. Read more >>

Medication Return Program

Tossing medication down the drain or in the garbage can impact our oceans and wildlife. Instead, safely return medication to participating pharmacies. Read more >> 

Home Heating Oil

A growing concern in our region is home heating oil spills. Home heating oil tanks can fail, leading to oil spills into our creeks and streams causing potential health risks or environmental damage that is costly to residents.

Sewer Leaks

Learn about inspecting, maintaining and repairing your sewer and stormwater laterals and foundation drains to prevent sewer back ups: