The energy used in our buildings accounts for about a third of the region’s community greenhouse gas emissions.

A great way to reduce our emissions is by using renewable energy to heat our homes by installing retrofits like heat pumps or solar panels. We can also improve the energy efficiency of new buildings and retrofit existing buildings to be more climate-friendly.

These steps will reduce the carbon footprint of our homes and workplaces and will also make our buildings more comfortable and lower our energy bills. Adapting our buildings to a changing climate will help us manage the impacts of climate change. Read more >>

Taking action at home to reduce energy and fossil fuel use and prepare for climate-related impacts are important ways that the capital region can be a part of the global climate solution.

The Bring It Home 4 the Climate program was created to engage and support homeowners and organizations in reducing the energy consumption and carbon footprint of their homes, as well as taking steps to motivate others to do the same. Bring It Home helps homeowners take the next step, regardless of where they are in their energy retrofit journey, and aims to reduce barriers to completing a home energy retrofit.

The program offers three main benefits to participants:

  • Free Virtual Home Check-Up – help for translating your personal and household goals into climate-friendly home improvement solutions
  • EnerGuide Home Evaluation Summary – access a discounted EnerGuide Home Evaluation to learn about home upgrade options
  • Free education and special offers – access free learning events and DIY air sealing supplies

This program is being offered for a limited time only. Homeowners can register and find out more at Bring It Home 4 the Climate.

Your home offers many opportunities to upgrade energy efficiency, save on energy bills, and improve your comfort. Find rebates for building a new home or for retrofitting your existing home that will save energy and lower greenhouse gas emissions.


Borrow a Climate Action To-Go Kit from your local library and discover how you can take climate action in your home. Each kit contains resources and activities for you to:

  • Measure household appliance electricity use with a Kill-A-Watt meter
  • Discover air leaks in walls and around windows using a thermal leak detector
  • Measure your home’s optimal lighting using a digital illuminance light meter


The CRD is taking steps to reduce operational GHG emissions from its facilities. In 2019, GHG emissions from buildings, facilities, and infrastructure have decreased by 21% since 2007, despite adding new buildings and facilities. The CRD continues to look for opportunities to minimize GHG emissions and energy use, such as upgrading to high-efficiency natural gas boilers, and investigating the waste heat recovery projects at Panorama Recreation and SEAPARC. To learn more, see our Climate Action Strategy and annual reports.