Remuneration eligibility for each CRD Director is established by the Board Remuneration and Travel Expense Policy and Schedule. The policy is derived from a remuneration philosophy that recognizes the significant commitment and expectations of each CRD Director as well as the principle of gross remuneration comparable with other organizations.

2020 Schedule

 Annual Stipends
Remuneration Expense Allowance Total
CRD/CRHD Board Directors Includes all CRD/CRHD Board meetings, Committee of the Whole Meetings, and two Standing Committee commitments 13,559 6,779 20,338
Electoral Area Directors (additional) 26,136 13,068 39,204
CRD Board Chair (additional) 19,940 9,970 29,910
CRD Board Vice-Chair (additional) 3,987 1,994 5,981
CRHD Board Chair (additional) Not paid if the CRHD Board Chair is also the CRD Board Vice-Chair 3,987 1,994 5,981
Board Standing Committee Chair, CRD Arts Commission Chair & Solid Waste Advisory Commission Chair (additional) 1,994 997 2,991
Additional Board Standing Committee(s) (additional) 3,987 1,994 5,981
Per Meeting Payments
Alternate CRD/CRHD Board Director & Acting Standing Committee Chair 73 37 110
CRD Board Directors - Local & Sub-Regional Commission/Committee 73 37 110
CRD Board Directors – appointed by CRD to External Board 73 37 110
CRD Municipal Directors who vote on Part 26 Decisions of Juan de Fuca Electoral Area 73 37 110
Alternate CRD Electoral Area Director attending formal Local and Sub-Regional Commission meetings in place of EA Director 73 37 110
All Commissioners - Regional Water Supply Commission 73 37 110
Forum of Councils - Municipal Councillors and Directors 73 37 110

Additional Information

On May 9, 2018 the Board directed staff to make a one-time exception to offset the elimination of tax exemptions for non-accountable expense allowances, effective January 1, 2019.


The following reports include Director Remuneration & Expenses: