Technical and Community Advisory Committee


The Capital Regional District (CRD) Technical and Community Advisory Committee (TCAC) is an advisory committee established by the CRD Board and will assist the Core Area Liquid Waste Management Committee (the steering committee) in making appropriate recommendations to the CRD Board in the areas outlined below:
  • Inflow and infiltration program
  • Sanitary sewer overflows
  • Biosolids management and beneficial use



  • Andrews, Josh
  • Clary, Joel
  • Coleman, Chris (Chair)
  • Donald, Brenda
  • Engelsjord, Michael
  • Gillespie, Greg
  • Hatch, Lesley
  • Kobayashi, Doug (Vice Chair)
  • Leung, Ivan
  • Monsour, Don
  • Paul, Jas
  • Pugh, Winona
  • Remington, Claire
  • Rennick, Steve
  • Roe, John
  • Valeo, Caterina
  • Wilson, Katie

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