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Oily Water/Bilge Water

Oily Water/Bilge Water

Every boat has bilge water. Most boats have oily bilge water. Every boater should know how to dispose of it properly. If you need help, there are a number of local companies who will collect and dispose of bilge water for you. 

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How do I go green?

Try not to let the bilge pump dispose of your oily bilge water for you. The oil slick you leave behind not only looks bad, it also harms the environment and is a criminal offence. Use absorbent bilge pads, available at most marine stores, to line your hull. These pads will absorb the oil, but not the water. Soaps and bilge cleaners do nothing to mitigate the harmful effects of oil or gas in the water. Instead, they spread the hazardous waste out over a larger area, thereby affecting even more of the shoreline.

You can reuse your absorbent bilge pads after you wring them out. (Contain the liquid and take it in to your marina or mechanic to be recycled.)

Contact facilities directly regarding restrictions and charges.


  • JOMA Environmental Ltd.

    Pick-up service available across the capital region


  • The Environmental Story

    Most boats have an automatic bilge pump to prevent them from sinking when water collects in the hull. Unfortunately, like a car, a marine engine, when in operation, often drips oil into that bilge water. Your oily bilge water is considered hazardous waste. Ask at your local fuel dock or your marine mechanic where they dispose their oily bilge water. Many marinas will have facilities on site or can recommend a solution for you.
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