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Motor Oil (domestic; including plastic motor oil containers)

oil, oil filters
Motor Oil (domestic; including plastic motor oil containers)

Motor oil can be recycled through the province-wide Interchange Recycling stewardship program. This not-for-profit group is dedicated to the collection and recycling of lubricating oil, oil filters, oil containers (plastic, with a capacity of less than 30 litres, manufactured to hold oil), antifreeze and antifreeze containers in BC. A full list of what is accepted and free depot locations is available on their website. 

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How do I go green?

Walk, cycle, or carpool to cut down on motor oil use. Choose a push mower.

Collected used motor oil can be placed in a squirt can to grease hinges and lubricate tools.

Used motor oil and containers are part of Household Hazardous Waste collection at the Hartland depot in residential quantities and at alternate locations listed. Not all facilities are part of the provincial program and may charge a fee for drop off. Contact facilities directly regarding restrictions and charges.


  • Darryl's and James's Digs

    103 East Point Road
    Saturna Island

  • Derick's Automotive Services

    638 John Street

  • Gurton's Garage Ltd.

    9139 East Saanich Road

  • Hartland Depot

    1 Hartland Avenue

  • Port Renfrew Garbage & Recycling Depot

    17055 Parkinson Road
    Port Renfrew

  • Saturna Island Recycling Depot

    101 Harris Road
    Saturna Island

  • The Environmental Story

    Used oil collected through the program (50 million litres in 2018) is re-refined into new lubricating oil or processed for use in pulp mills, cement plants and in asphalt plants. Oil filters are crushed and taken to a steel mill to manufacture reinforcing steel, while plastic oil and antifreeze containers are recycled into new oil containers, drainage tiles, and parking curbs.