What would you like to Recycle?

Car/Vehicle Hulks

Car/Vehicle Hulks

Many auto recyclers accept vehicles for recycling or parts use since most components in an end of use vehicle (one that has reached its lifespan) are made of recyclable materials such as metal, glass and plastic. 

For information about a voluntary early retirement vehicle program that provides incentives to help British Columbians replace higher polluting vehicles with cleaner forms of transportation and scrap drop off locations, check out https://scrapit.ca

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How do I go green?

If you need to own a vehicle, keep it in good shape, drive at lower speed with properly inflated tires. Leave it at home at least once a week. This will allow your vehicle to last longer, postponing the recycling process, which, itself, takes energy. Buying a vehicle? Consider buying used to save on new production costs.

Consider repairing whenever possible instead of purchasing new. Donate non-working cars to a local high school or charity program.

Contact facilities directly regarding restrictions and charges.


  • A&P Disposal & Recycling

    6220 Marilyn

  • Brentwood Auto & Metal Recyclers

    7481 West Saanich Road

  • H.L. Disposal & Lawn Services Ltd.

    334 Hillside Ave

  • Radius Recycling (formerly Schnitzer)

    307 David Street

  • The Environmental Story

    The average new vehicle takes hundreds of gallons of petroleum to produce. Now consider the cost of not recycling your old vehicle - thousands of pounds of new metal which now need to be mined and smelted, using more petroleum in the process. It all adds up to seeing your old vehicle as a repository of valuable components.