Kitchen Scraps Landfill Ban

In January 2015 a landfill ban on kitchen scraps (food waste and soiled paper products) was implemented.

How can you reduce the amount of food waste you generate?


Make local, in season, organic food choices and purchase items with minimal packaging - or grow your own. Many peels that we discard such as orange, lemon and apple peels are edible, full of vitamins, and add extra flavour to dishes. Better meal planning results in fewer wasted ingredients and will save money and time.


Eat those leftovers! Leftovers don't have to be boring – last night's boiled potatoes are this morning's hash browns; make a new sauce for those leftover noodles; or pudding out of that rice. Many local charities welcome non-perishable food donations.

Recycle (Compost)

Residential Collection Programs

Residential garbage, kitchen scraps and yard/garden material services are provided through a combination of municipal programs and private services. Read more >>

Multi-family Dwellings and Businesses

Visit to learn how to reduce kitchen scraps in the commercial sector and what local options are available for composting your kitchen scraps.