Composting Facilities Bylaw and Licences

In 2005, the Capital Regional District Board approved the Composting Facilities Regulation Bylaw (Bylaw 2736). The purpose of the CRD composting bylaw is to complement existing provincial requirements under the Organic Matter Recycling Regulation (OMRR).

In particular the CRD bylaw:

  • Specifies that restricted organic matter (eg. food waste) requires in-vessel composting and a license under the bylaw
  • Requires leachate, nuisance odour, vector, litter and dust management plans
  • Establishes a regulatory system for enforcing the requirements

There are currently no composting facilities licensed under this bylaw.

The following activities are exempt from the CRD bylaw:

  • Agricultural waste composting
  • Backyard composting
  • Topsoil production (utilizing stabilized organics)
  • Composting of material generated on site
  • Farming activities

Composting facilities must comply with a number of other regulations including OMRR, the BC Agriculture Waste Control Regulation, the host municipality's bylaws, WorkSafeBC and other applicable regulations. The Farm Industry Review Board is set up specifically to address issues arising from farm activities including odours.

Bylaw Documents


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