gasplant-hhThis project has three components:

  1. analysis of subsurface gas sampling data that includes perimeter and building foundation monitoring for combustible gas
  2. ambient air quality monitoring which characterizes air quality above the landfill and evaluates the effectiveness of the control systems
  3. evaluation of: collection and treatment system performance , the efficiency of the flare in destroying harmful compounds, emissions from gas utilization facilities, and the overall landfill gas capture efficiency

Information from this project is used to determine:

  • whether subsurface gas migration conforms to the provincial government's landfill criteria
  • whether ambient air quality at the landfill meets Workers’ Compensation Board requirements
  • the characteristics of landfill gas generated at Hartland, to provide information for gas utilization
  • the flare efficiency in destroying methane and trace compounds
  • overall greenhouse gas emissions from the landfill


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