Retreat Cove is located approximately at the mid point of Galiano Island, on the south side fronting Trincomali Channel. It lies across from Wallace Island, a Provincial Marine Park. Retreat Cove is very pretty and protected, and can be a safe haven from strong winds and weather in the channel. Retreat Island, in the middle of the cove, is joined to Galiano Island by a drying flat.

Public Moorage in Retreat Cove

retreatcove-hhThe single float at this dock is eighty feet long and is often primarily occupied by resident boaters. Rafting up is a viable option, and is mandatory at all CRD docks. The cove also has room for numerous boats at anchor.

Nearby Services

From the wharf, a narrow road winds its way up to the main road, which runs the length of Galiano Island. There are no on-shore facilities in proximity to the dock. Supplies and amenities are available to the south at Montague Harbour, or further on to the stores near the south end of the island.

The notice board at the head of the gangway provides information, payment envelopes, and a lock-box. Additionally, find rate information on this site.

Retreat Cove Wharfinger

Kiyoshi Okuda