Miners Bay is located on the south-east side of Active Pass, which separates Galiano and Mayne Islands. Named for the gold miners who frequented this bay from 1858 on through the gold rush years, Miners Bay was a convenient stopover point for fortune seekers on their way to the Fraser River and Barkerville.

Public Moorage in Miners Bay

minersbay-hhThe dock at Miners Bay consists of two sets of floats on each side of a 275 foot timbered approach and a 30 x 70 foot wharf head. The total available berthage space is approximately 250 feet. As this dock is a busy terminus for transport vessels, there is float space reserved for emergency & loading vessels, water taxis, and float planes. These spaces are marked in yellow, and are not available for general moorage. The dock is exposed to BC Ferry vessels transiting Active Pass, and boaters should be aware this causes the floats to roll extensively, especially during lower tides or northerly winds.

Nearby Services

Groceries, lodging, restaurant, pub and liquor store are also available via a short walk from the dock.

The notice board at the head of the gangway provides information, payment envelopes, and a lock-box. Additionally, find rate information on this site.

Miners Bay Wharfinger

Nico Preston


Dock Realignment