Hope Bay is located about 2.5 miles north-west of Razor Point, on the south side of Navy Channel, the body of water separating Mayne and North Pender Islands.

Public Moorage in Hope Bay

hopebay-hhThe CRD dock comprises three floats and has approximately 150 feet of moorage space. During the boating season most of this space is used by local boaters, but the seaward side of the main float usually has space for one or two visiting boats. Additionally, Hope Bay has anchoring space and the adjacent Hope Bay store provides a few mooring buoys for short-term use. Hope Bay is exposed to strong wind and waves from the east and south-east in the winter, and consequently this dock is usually totally vacant during those months.

Nearby Services

The newly constructed Hope Bay store at the head of the dock houses a number of businesses, including a restaurant, gallery, hair salon, goldsmith, real estate office and more. The Pender Island Office of the Southern Gulf Islands National Park is also located in this building.

The dock does not have power or water facilities. Washrooms are available in the Hope Bay store building during business hours.

The notice board at the head of the gangway provides information, payment envelopes, and a lock-box. Additionally, find rate information on this site.

Hope Bay Wharfinger

Peter Binner