Reaching Home Program

The Reaching Home Program: Canada's Homelessness Strategy is a community-based program aimed at reducing and preventing homelessness. Officially launched April 1, 2019, the Government of Canada's Homelessness Strategy supports the most vulnerable people in the capital region by improving access to safe, stable and affordable housing.

Infrastructure Canada has awarded Designated Communities funding to the CRD as the community entity to administer in the Victoria Census Metropolitan Area.

Funding is being allocated to initiatives that address outcomes identified in the 2019-2024 Community Plan To End Homelessness (PDF).

Homeless Individuals and Families Information System (HIFIS)

The Homeless Individuals and Families Information System (HIFIS) is a data collection and case management system that allows multiple service providers in the same community to access real-time data, to increase coordination of services to unhoused people and support their housing stability. HIFIS supports daily operations, coordinated access, data collection and development of a regional understanding of homelessness.

Coordinated Access

Coordinated Access is a system where communities prioritize people who are most in need of assistance and match them to appropriate available housing and services. The system helps to ensure fairness and streamlines access to housing and services.