The Regional Arts Facilities Select Committee was created by the CRD Board in response to Board Priority 12a-1. Its purpose was to facilitate a public discussion on regional arts facilities in the capital region.

The Select Committee, through the work of a consultant, conducted a process of community engagement and input to explore the following topics:

  • a current inventory and oversight of performing art facilities, their functions and roles within the current ecosystem
  • gap analysis
  • consideration of equity including demographic and geographic equity
  • considerations related to the intersection of local and regional interests
  • funding and sustainability
  • challenges
  • suggested modifications and improvements (short and long term)
  • partnerships
  • other relevant issues as may arise


The consultant provided summary reports at each stage of the engagement process. The incremental reports are available at PlaceSpeak. This process concluded with a report entitled Stage One: A Public Conversation about Performing Arts Facilities in the CRD. Based on the Stage One report's four recommendations, the Select Committee forwarded a recommendation to the CRD Board to create a new regional service for performing arts facilities.

Next Steps

On March 10, 2021, the CRD Board passed a motion "to begin the process of establishing a regional service for the purposes of planning, developing and funding of performing arts facilities that have regional impact." The Board approved $150,000 in the 2021 budget for costs related to the establishment of the service and directed the Chair to create a committee to oversee the work related to establishing a performing arts service.

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