The Capital Regional District (CRD) and the North Galiano Fire Commission are completing the construction of a new fire hall located at 19400 Porlier Pass Road.

north galiano fire hall  220x136 hhThe fire hall is a post-disaster rated structure and will provide reliable long-term emergency response and fire protection services to the residents of North Galiano. It will also serve at the communities Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) in the event of a disaster and will contain all communications, supplies and materials for providing disaster relief to the residents of North Galiano.

The fire hall is approximately 2,000 square feet and includes two truck bays, a washroom and laundry facility, radio dispatch room, meeting room and a training room. An emergency generator will provide back-up power to the facility in the event of power loss.

Building Cost

In December 2012 the taxpayers of North Galiano voted in a referendum to borrow up to $670,000 to pay for the construction of a new fire hall. Capital Regional District (CRD) staff issued a tender for construction of a new fire hall in June 2013. The initial tender resulted in all the bids exceeding to project’s capital budget.

With the agreement of the North Galiano Fire Protection Society (NGFPS) the project team redesigned the project and following an additional tender and subsequent negotiation awarded the construction of the fire hall. The total construction cost of the fire hall is expected to be less than $600,000.

Debt servicing information

$570,000 was borrowed over 15 years at an interest rate of 3.85%. The estimated annual debt servicing cost is $50,000.