Chief Jeff Jones (Pacheedaht) and Alternate Director Rick Kasper (Sooke)Local government has a critical role to play in supporting First Nations economic aspirations and cultural resurgence. A proactive approach with deep engagement and a commitment to establishing a thoughtful governance framework that both resonates with First Nations and reflects the Board’s strategic priorities, will ensure a strong fully regional approach relative to growth management, environmental protection and restoration, efficient service delivery and smart infrastructure planning.

With increased understanding of the long-term impacts of assimilation on Indigenous cultural recovery and resilience, the CRD Board, through the work of the Special Task Force on First Nations Engagement, is working towards accommodation of First Nations at the Board table (including its committees and commissions) as well as options that are outside the CRD's existing governance framework that might involve the co-development of common framework that reflects the values, protocols, regulatory and legislative realities of both local and First Nations governments.