Fall School Programs

Seasonal Safari
Preschool-Kindergarten; 1 hr

Bring your little ones on a forest walk through the tall trees. Using keen ‘knee-high’ observation skills and fun activities we’ll connect with nature and explore seasonal changes at this time of year. Offered at Francis/King and Witty’s Lagoon regional parks.

Going Squirrelly!
Kindergarten-Grade 1; 1.5 hrs

This interactive program introduces children to tree squirrels, and the adaptations to their forest homes. Your students will experience the changing autumnal forest as these busy acrobats prepare for the winter ahead. Offered at Francis/King and Witty’s Lagoon regional parks.

Who's Hooting
Grades 1-2; 1.5 hrs

Students will discover the whoo-oo, what and how of these expert night hunters and their unique adaptations. A close-up look at two different species of common owls, practising some awesome owl calls and hands-on learning will round out the program. Offered at Francis/King and Witty’s Lagoon regional parks.

The heART of nature
Grades 4-5; 1.5 hrs

Naturalists have long used journals to record information about the world around them. In this collaborative program, the CRD and the Robert Bateman Centre encourage students to connect to the park through observation, inquiry and sketching to draw a deeper connection with nature. This enhanced program is offered on a limited basis at Francis/King Regional ParkThis program is offered on Tuesdays at 10am, please call the Robert Bateman Centre for more details and to book a program at 250.940.3630.

Teacher's Workshop; 2 hrs
October 23, 10am-12pm & 1-3pm

Are you a teacher/student teacher interested in incorporating outdoor learning into your learning plan? Join a CRD Regional Parks naturalist for an experiential workshop designed to increase your confidence in leading outdoor lessons. You will learn some local ecology and new techniques to teach curriculum outdoors while engaging your students in nature. The workshop takes place on a pro-d day at Francis/King Regional Park, please wear suitable footwear and dress for outdoor weather. The workshop is $7/person, space is limited to six people.

Spring School Programs


Tide Ticklers
Preschool; 1 hr

Search tide pools for fish, crabs and other marine creatures on this gentle introduction to beach exploration. Offered at Island View Beach and Witty’s Lagoon regional parks.

Feeling Crabby
Kindergarten-Grade 1; 1 hr

Children are fascinated by crabs. Through respectful hands-on discovery, students learn about the unique features and behaviors crabs use to survive in their changing seashore environment. Offered at Island View Beach and Witty’s Lagoon regional parks.

Living at the Beach
Grades 2-3; 1.5 hrs

Living at the beach is no picnic! Hands-on exploration and activities allow students to investigate how a diversity of marine creatures survive in an environment where they’re either all wet, or left high and dry. Offered at Island View Beach and Witty’s Lagoon regional parks.

Beach Seine
Grades 3-5; 1.5 hrs

Here’s a unique opportunity to get a close-up look at rarely seen marine creatures. Using a seine net, students will sample and identify an incredible diversity of creatures that depend on an underwater forest ecosystem. Offered at Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park on May 8, 11, 25, 26, 27 and June 5, 8, 9.


SENSE-sational Snoop!
Preschool; 1 hr

Nature has a wealth of life for children to see, touch, hear, smell and taste. Hands-on activities and a stroll through the woods allow for sensory observations of nature’s wonders. Offered at Elk/Beaver Lake and Francis/King regional parks.

Slugs and Slime
Kindergarten-Grade 1; 1 hr

Slugs are one of nature’s greatest recyclers. Students explore the fascinating world of slugs, their unique features and behaviors and discover the important role they play in our forest ecosystems. Offered at Francis/King Regional Park.

Beaver Engineever
Grades 2-3; 1.5 hrs

Our national symbol, the beaver, is the focus of this interactive program. Students will discover how beavers “engineer” and enhance the biodiversity of wetlands. We explore the beaver life cycle, and the web of life in a diverse ecosystem where beavers have built their lodge. Offered at Elk/Beaver Regional Park.

Plant Power
Grades 3-5; 1.5 hrs

Plants are the only organisms able to both produce their own food as well as provide food and shelter for animals and humans. By examining local plants, students discover why plants are important and what they provide for us. Offered at Elk/Beaver Lake and Francis/King regional parks.