Size of harbour (total area) 244 hectares
Total area of watersheds and land that drain into harbour 1593 ha
Main creek that flows into harbour Cecelia Creek
Area of Cecelia Creek watershed 353 ha
Depth of harbour (maximum) 21.7m
Main physical features Altered shorelines; Rocky shorelines
Main biological features Kelp beds; bird habitat
Main environmental concerns Historical industrial contamination in sediments; high proportion of impervious surfaces draining into harbour bringing contaminants, loss or hardening of shoreline habitats
Number of stormwater drains that enter directly into harbour 97
Total length of shoreline 20,352 m
Dominant subtidal substrate Mud/sand (85%)
Other subtidal substrates Gravel; rock outcrops; man-made debris


Emergency Contacts

Emergency Management of BC 1.800.663.3456
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