Size of harbour (total area) 342.7 ha
Depth of harbour Maximum: 16 m (at harbour entrance)
Average: 5-12 m
Main physical features Natural shoreline on W and NE sides; intertidal mud flats; high current areas; numerous coves and pocket beaches; much of the shoreline has been altered by dredging and filling to support industrial and naval activities; much of the seabed has been impacted by bark and wood debris from past log booming
Main biological features Kelp beds, bird habitat, small eelgrass beds, intertidal clam beds, Dungeness crab habitat, historic salmon spawning stream (coho in Millstream Cr), herring spawning habitat
Main environmental concerns Past and present industrial activities and log storage have physically impacted significant portions of the harbour, causing build-up of contamination in the sediments and large areas of wood debris on seafloor; habitat loss; intertidal clam harvest closed due to high fecal coliform contamination; contaminants from stormwater inputs
Types of Land Use Industrial, military and ship building, parks and open spaces, recreational, residential, institutional, commercial
Number of stormwater discharges draining directly into the harbour 97
Total length of shoreline 19,997 m (excluding islands)
Dominant subtidal substrate type Fine sediment (gravel, sand, mud) 87.4%
Other subtidal substrate types Wood debris 7.9%, rock 2%, (unknown 2.7%)



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