millstream 1  220x136  hhThe Millstream watershed consists of all the land that drains into Millstream Creek, which subsequently flows into Esquimalt Harbour, near the city of Victoria B.C. A large portion of the watershed is located along the eastern flanks of the Gowlland Tod range in the Highlands, and also includes urbanized areas in Langford and Colwood. The watershed is especially valued for its rural character, rich history and varied ecosystems. There are seven lakes in the watershed, two small canyons and many waterfalls. Most of the lakes have been modified by dams and weirs, and there are at least 15 ponds, many of which were created by excavation of wetland areas.

Millstream Creek begins as several small streams in the hills of the Gowlland Tod range, and generally flows south. The main stem flows into Third Lake, and joins Hazlitt Creek at Second Lake, adjacent to Millstream Lake Rd. The stream then parallels Millstream Rd. for several kilometres. (A tributary called Earsman Creek begins farther to the west, on the southeast slopes of Jocelyn Hill in Gowlland Tod Provincial Park, and joins the main stem downstream of Mary Lake, near Finlayson Arm Rd.) Millstream Creek winds through residential neighbourhoods in the Thetis Heights area, flows under the Trans-Canada Highway, and past the base of Mill Hill, before arcing east to northeast and entering an estuary in Esquimalt Harbour.

Did you know?

  • The bedrock forming the rocky hills of the Highlands was originally formed over 380 million years ago.
  • The mill that gives the stream its name was established in 1848, just five years after Fort Victoria was built.
  • The Millstream watershed contains dozens of wetlands that help to regulate the flows of the stream.
  • A wide variety of birds as well as river otters can often be observed feeding on the mud flats in the estuary at the mouth of the stream.

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