Salt Spring Island Local Community Commission Referendum

YES  2,297 
NO  1,448 

The referendum passed. Official results were declared October 19, 2022.

Bylaw No. 4507 may now be adopted by the CRD Board, and an election for the four public members of the LCC may be held in 2023 in accordance with the Local Government Act.

Votes cast report

Precinct YES  NO 
Public Library  998  576 
Gospel Church  963  690 
Fulford Harbour  318  170 
Saanich Presbyterian Church  10 
Mail ballots 
Total  2,297  1,448 

The Question

On Saturday, October 15, 2022 qualified electors in the Salt Spring Island Electoral Area of the CRD were asked to vote on the following question:

"Are you in favour of the Capital Regional District (CRD) Board adopting Bylaw No. 4507, "Salt Spring Island Local Community Commission Establishment Bylaw No. 1, 2022", authorizing the establishment of a local community commission for the Salt Spring Island Electoral Area, to be comprised of four elected commissioners and the Electoral Area Director, to oversee and advise on economic development, wastewater disposal, community parks and recreation, small craft harbour facilities, transit and transportation, street lighting, grants-in-aid, compensation for livestock injured by dogs, and the contribution services for arts, public library, and search and rescue?

YES or NO?"


On August 10, 2022, the CRD Board gave a third reading to Bylaw No. 4507 which proposes establishing a Local Community Commission for the Salt Spring Island Electoral Area.

The Local Government Act requires that elector approval be obtained to establish this service. A question to obtain participant approval will be on the ballot for Salt Spring Island voters during the General Local Election on October 15, 2022.

Bylaw Synopsis

Bylaw No. 4507 would establish Salt Spring Island as a local community governed by a “local community commission” or “LCC”, a body of elected officials with the authority to administer a scope of Salt Spring Island-specific services in place of the Capital Regional District Board or other CRD commissions. The proposed LCC is made up of four individuals elected by the Salt Spring Island electors, as well as the Electoral Area Director. The individuals are elected on a general voting day, typically the same as that of the Electoral Area Director, and hold office for a similar term. The proposed services which the LCC would oversee and advise on are as follows:

  • Economic development;
  • Island-wide wastewater disposal;
  • Community parks and recreation;
  • Pool facility
  • Parks and recreation facilities;
  • Small craft harbour facilities (Fernwood Dock);
  • Transit and Transportation services;
  • Street lighting;
  • Grants-in-aid;
  • Compensation for livestock injury by dogs;
  • Salt Spring Island arts, public library, and search and rescue contribution services.

Please note that this synopsis of Bylaw No. 4507 is not intended to be or understood as an interpretation of the bylaw. A copy of the complete bylaw may be viewed online or at CRD’s Salt Spring Island Administration Office, 108-121 McPhillips Avenue, or at CRD’s Victoria Office, 625 Fisgard Street during business hours.