Growing Native Plants with the Fall Rains

Sep 11, 2023, 7pm-8:30pm


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Native plants are vital components of healthy and resilient ecosystems, providing ecosystems services such as food and habitat for native wildlife. A native plant garden is a great way to increase biodiversity and conserve water on your property.

Native plants require little to no watering once established, and never require fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Having a native plant garden also helps to manage rainwater runoff and reduces soil compaction with their deep root systems.

Most native plants are best planted in the fall because they rely on processes like cold stratification to germinate. Learn all about how best to grow native plants from seed, using the fall and winter rains, to save your water and your wallet.

Kristen Miskelly of Satinflower Nurseries will be sharing knowledge about planting timing, species selection, and different techniques that can help ensure drought resilience with your plantings.

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