What constitutes a subdivision?

  • Consolidating two or more properties into one lot
  • Adjusting or realigning an existing property line
  • Creating several lots from one or more existing properties
  • Creating several strata lots from one or more existing properties

Application Process


Subdivisions in the unincorporated rural area of Juan de Fuca are the joint responsibility of the CRD and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. The Rural Subdivision Approvals site provides information on subdividing, including relevant forms, approval processes and frequently asked questions.

Subdivision applications can take many months to go from idea to approval. Applicants are also advised to retain a professional agent, such as a BC Land Surveyor, an engineer or a development consultant to work with them on their proposal.

For more information see the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure website.

Building Strata Conversions

Strata conversions are approved by the Electoral Area Services Committee and ratified by the CRD Board. Applications are made to the CRD.

Further information and an application form for Strata Conversions are in Bylaw No. 3110.

Helpful Contact

Subdivision & Strata Application Forms (Bylaw No. 3110, Schedule E - F)

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