The East Sooke Citizens' Committee has completed its review of the Official Community Plan (OCP) draft.

The Juan de Fuca Land Use Committee (LUC) considered proposed Bylaw No. 4000, "Official Community Plan for East Sooke, Bylaw No. 1, 2016", which will repeal and replace the existing East Sooke Official Community Plan, Bylaw No. 3718, at its February 16, 2016 meeting. At this meeting the LUC recommended that proposed Bylaw No. 4000 be referred to agencies and to the East Sooke Advisory Planning Commission, the Juan de Fuca Agricultural Advisory Planning Commission and the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area Parks and Recreation Advisory Planning Commission.

Proposed Bylaw No. 4000 was considered by the East Sooke Advisory Planning Commission on April 25, 2016, by the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission on April 26, 2016 and by the Agricultural Advisory Planning Commission on May 9, 2016.

The LUC reviewed proposed Bylaw No. 4000 at its July 19, 2016 meeting. The bylaw was put on hold pending review of the Regional Growth Strategy.

The LUC reconsidered proposed Bylaw No. 4000 at their meeting of April 17, 2018 and recommended that Bylaw No. 4000 proceed to first and second readings and to public hearing. The CRD Board considered this recommendation at their meeting on May 9, 2018.

Visit Planning Services - Hot Topics for information on the current status of Bylaw No. 4000.

The existing OCP for East Sooke is Bylaw No. 3718.

Should you have any questions, please email Iain Lawrence, Manager, Local Area Planning, or call 250.642.8104.

Background Information

How will the OCP review proceed?

The OCP review will be undertaken in two phases: Phase 1 - OCP Review and Update and Phase 2 OCP Bylaw Preparation and Adoption. Details are noted within the Terms of Reference.

Phase 1 will be undertaken with an appointed Citizens’ Committee. The Committee is to represent the community’s interests in reviewing and updating the OCP, assisting with the development and implementation of a public consultation program and recommending a draft OCP to the Juan de Fuca Land Use Committee for consideration in the CRD OCP bylaw adoption process. This phase is based upon a thorough review and assessment of the existing OCP with community consultation to determine which elements of the existing OCP should be retained, identify any deficiencies and develop new policies to be incorporated. This work involves the review of background information, issue identification and policy review and development.

Phase 2 consultation will be undertaken in accordance with the LGA and conform to the OCP amendment process as outlined in the Juan de Fuca Land Use Development Procedures Bylaw, Bylaw No. 3110.

How will the community be involved?

A Consultation Plan has been prepared which will guide the public and stakeholder participation in the review process. The community and stakeholders are encouraged to attend and participate in the Citizens’ Committee meetings. In addition, the public is encouraged to join the email group managed by JDF Planning to be advised of upcoming meetings and events related to the OCP review. All materials reviewed at the Committee will be posted on the website for review. Special public events to review the status of the OCP review process and proposed OCP amendments will be scheduled and advertised.

Citizens' Committee Appointed

Director Hicks has appointed the following residents of East Sooke to the Citizen's Committee:

  • Roger Beck
  • Blair Cusack
  • Zac Doeding
  • Jane Hutchins
  • Linda Nehra
  • Stacey Scharf
  • Yale Shap
  • Neil Smith
  • Adele Tomlinson
  • Rhonda Underwood
  • Brian White

Meeting/Event Materials

May 2, 2015 East Sooke Official Community Plan Review Open House

On Saturday, May 2, there will be an open house at the East Sooke Fire Hall from 11am - 3pm so you can view and make comments on the draft Official Community Plan (OCP) for East Sooke.

This is the last in a series of open houses seeking public input to update the East Sooke OCP. There will be displays, a questionnaire and staff will be available to answer your questions. The formal review process will begin in the near future with additional public input opportunities.

Date: May 2, 2015
Time: 11am - 3pm
Place: East Sooke Fire Hall
1397 Coppermine Road, East Sooke, BC

November 22, 2014 East Sooke Official Community Plan Review Workshop

September 22, 2014 Citizens' Committee Meeting

June 23, 2014 Citizens' Committee Meeting

May 12, 2014 Citizens' Committee Meeting as Continued on May 26, 2014

April 14, 2014 Citizens' Committee Meeting

March 10, 2014 Citizens' Committee Meeting

January 25, 2014 Open House & Community Mapping Event

It was a great turn-out at the East Sooke Firehall for the first in a series of Open Houses on the East Sooke Official Community Plan Review. Approximately 100 people viewed the displays and participated in the community mapping and visioning exercises. The Sooke Harbour District Girl Guides served lunch and refreshments. Copies of the story boards displayed at the event can be found below.

January 13, 2014 Citizens' Committee Meeting

December 9, 2013 Citizens' Committee Meeting

November 18, 2013 Citizens' Committee Meeting