RFP ERM2022-010 - Processing - Utilization - On-Site Operations and Transportation of Source-Separated Materials from Hartland Landfill

Sep 18, 2023, 12:02 PM
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RFP ERM2022-010
Sep 18, 2023, 12:00 PM
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Environmental Resource Management
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Through this Request for Proposals (RFP), the CRD invites submissions from Proponents with the capacity, ability and experience to design, build and operate (onsite operations, transportation/hauling as required and management of end use contracts) a MDTS to be located at the Landfill intended for the reuse, recycle, repurpose, or otherwise beneficially process the five source-separated waste streams listed below that will be diverted from the Landfill’s active face through upcoming landfill bans. The scope additionally includes design and construction of the subgrade and final asphalt surface for the entire BUA (MDTS and Biosolids Mixing Area) however the CRD will operate the Biosolids Mixing Area. The CRD’s preference is to enter into a single agreement with a single entity who has the capacity, ability and experience to complete the above scope of work.

This RFP relates solely to the MDTS operations, and reuse, recycle, repurpose, or recovery of the selected source-separated waste streams from the Landfill. Participation in this RFP will not restrict Proponents from participating in other CRD procurements.

The following materials will be collected at the Public Drop-Off Area or transported directly to the MDTS:

  1. Clean Wood
  2. Treated Wood
  3. Asphalt roofing shingles
  4. Carpet and underlay
  5. Salvageable wood (in stacking racks)

    Optional materials that will not be banned from the Landfill, but which the CRD would like to obtain pricing for pre-processing through the MDTS include:

  6. Books (includes textbooks, novels, soft and hardcover books)
  7. Rigid Plastics (non-EPR).


The Capital Regional District (CRD) governs 13 municipalities and 3 electoral areas located on the southern end of Vancouver Island. The Hartland Landfill (Landfill) is owned and operated by the CRD and is located approximately 14 kilometers (km) northwest of the City of Victoria, at 1 Hartland Ave, Victoria, BC.

The Landfill is a multi-purpose facility that provides the following waste management services and functions: 

  1. Landfill disposal of municipal solid waste for residential and commercial customers;
  2. Landfill disposal of controlled waste;
  3. Residential drop-off recycling depot for:
    • Household recyclable materials;
    • Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) materials; 
    • Household hazardous waste materials; 
    • Reusable goods; 
    • Food scraps, yard and garden material; 
  4. Residential and commercial food waste; 
  5. Leachate collection, treatment, and disposal; 
  6. Landfill gas collection, processing, conversion utilization and sale;
  7. Administration and weigh scale facilities; 
  8. Learning Centre; and 
  9. Any other waste disposal and diversion initiatives as approved by the CRD Board.

In 2022, the Landfill accepted approximately 180,000 tonnes of solid waste for disposal and diverted over 16,640 tonnes of materials at the Hartland Public Drop-off Depot. In alignment with the CRD’s Solid Waste Management Plan which follows the BC Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy’s (ENV) Pollution Prevention Hierarchy (Figure 2) to prioritize waste reduction, reuse and recycling as their first approach to waste management, the CRD intends to implement new policies in January 2024, to divert up to an additional 40,550 tonnes of material annually. This will be done through landfill bans on clean wood, treated wood, salvageable wood, asphalt roofing shingles, carpet and underlay, and optional materials such as books not accepted in the Recycle BC program and rigid plastics, all of which accounts for approximately 24% of the current mixed waste stream.

With the landfill bans in place, surcharges will be applied to renovation and demolition loads containing these or other mandatory recyclable materials. The CRD currently operates a rental waste shredder at the Landfill’s active face to improve their compaction rate.

In May 2022, the CRD Board endorsed the staff report titled Meeting the Solid Waste Management Plan Targets through Material Stream Diversion, which supports the procurement process for further material diversion (Attachment 1). In 2022, the CRD conducted a Waste Stream Composition Study (Attachment 2).


The CRD’s tentative and non-binding schedule is provided below. This reflects an estimate of the process timelines at this stage and is provided solely for the convenience of the Proponent(s). The CRD will review proposal responses and request follow up interviews with shortlisted proponents. The following is the CRD’s anticipated schedule:

Request for Proposals StepsDate
RFP - Issued September 18, 2023
Information Meeting (Optional) October 5, 2023
Proponent’s Site Visit (Optional) October 5, 2023
Deadline for Collaborative Meeting Request (Optional) December 13, 2023 at 2:00 pm
Question Period Close December 13, 2023
Deadline for Issuing Addenda December 18, 2023
RFP - Closing January 3, 2024
RFP - Award February 2024
In Service Target Date July 1, 2024


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