To help citizens become more informed on what possibilities exist regarding wastewater treatment, Westside Solutions invited the public to take part in a technology information-sharing session - Innovation Days.

The presenters were technology companies that responded to the Westside Solutions Request for Technical Information on wastewater treatment and resource recovery. Each participant presented a high-level case study on their submissions.

Organization: ECOfluid Systems Inc.
Representatives: Project Manager, Brian Chan P.Eng; and President, Karel Galland P.Eng.
Presentation Document: ECO fluid Presentation for Westside Solutions (PDF)
ECOfluid Systems Video

Organization: NORAM Engineering and Constructors Ltd.
Representatives: Senior Process Engineer Wastewater, Carl Finlay; and Senior Project Manager, John Baird
Presentation Document: NORAM Presentation for Westside Solutions (PDF)
NORAM Engineering and Constructors Video

Organization: Econo Services
Representatives: CEO, Ganesan Subramanian; and Co-director, Ganesh Krishnamurthy
Presentation Document: Econo Services Presentation for Westside Solutions (PDF)
Brochure: Econo Services Information Brochure (PDF)
Video: Econo Services Video

Organization: Mequipco Ltd.
Representatives: Managing Partner,Devlin Wing; Senior Technical Sales, Michael Greig; and GE Water and Process Technologies Regional Manager for Western Canada, Rob Hacking
Presentation Document: Mequipco and GE Water Presentation for Westside Solutions
Video: Mequipco Video

Organization: World Water Works, Inc.
Representatives: Chief Technology Officer, Chandler Johnson
Presentation Document: World Water Works Presentation for Westside Solutions (PDF)
Video: World Water Works Video

Organization: Veolia Water Technologies Canada
Representatives: Business Developer, Chris Howorth P.Eng.
Presentation Document: Veolia Presentation for Westside Solutions (PDF)
Video: Veolia Water Technologies Video

Organization: Promag Enviro Ltd.
Representatives: Project Manager, Ken Magaw; and Vice President of Lakeside Equipment Corporation and Regional Manager for sales areas including Western Canada, Warren Kersten P.E.
Presentation Document: Promag Enviro Presentation for Westside Solutions
Video: Promag Enviro Video

Organization: Pivotal Inc.
Representatives: President, Graeme Bethell; and CEO, Chris Corps
Presentation Document: Pivotal Presentation for Westside Solutions
Video: Pivotal Video