Local experiences

  • Support local restaurants by giving a gift certificate
  • Visit Butchart Gardens for the Twelve Days of Christmas
  • Buy tickets to a ballet or play at Royal McPherson or Royal Theatre
  • Explore the Royal BC Museum and see an IMAX movie
  • Go on a hike in one of our spectacular regional parks

Green wrapping ideas

There's a lot of creative ways to hide a gift without using traditional gift wrap.

  • Reuse newsprint; comics section is colourful
  • Choose gift bags that can be reused
  • Wrap your gift with another gift such as a tea towel

Create memories, not garbage

Check out Metro Vancouver's website for more on how to celebrate with less waste this season.

  • Merry Memory Maker - gift ideas by price range
  • Wrap wise - simple, eco-friendly ways to cut down on wrapping waste
  • Decorating - ideas for reusing items and borrowing from nature
  • Food - shopping and prep to entertaining with less waste
  • After Christmas - once holidays are over - reduce, reuse, recycle