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What is abandoned waste and illegal dumping?

Abandoned Waste is waste placed in public spaces, like boulevards, or at non-profit organizations, often with the intention of re-using, but ending up as garbage. Illegal Dumping is waste purposefully left in private or public areas instead of using proper recycling or safe and legal disposal methods.

The following items are considered abandoned waste:

  • Garbage
  • Yard waste
  • Construction debris
  • Large materials, including furniture, mattresses, TVs and appliances

There are alternatives to dumping

carjunk-sqAbandoned waste is unsightly and increases health and environmental risks, encourages more illegal dumping, and sends a message that illegal activity is okay in your neighbourhood. When you dispose of items properly, and when you report illegal dumping, you help improve the quality of life in your community. If you have an item that is not collected through your residential garbage services or through the curbside recycling program, such as a mattress, large appliance, or furniture, you can:
  • Donate the item to charity if it is in good condition (call first to ensure that your item is needed)
  • Try to sell or give away the item using free online services
  • Recycle the item
  • Bring the item to the landfill or a facility near you for proper disposal

How you can help

blue-couch-hhReduce! Before purchasing new materials consider if you really need to. Reuse! Can the item you no longer want be reused? Consider placing it for sale by using free online ads or donate it to charity. Tip: Call first to see if they need the items you’re considering dropping off.
Recycle! If it can’t be reused visit to find out where you can take the item for proper recycling.

Dispose! Don’t abandon your waste or illegally dispose of it. Take it to your local waste or recycling station.

Not having a vehicle doesn't have to be a barrier

Have unwanted items but don't have a vehicle? Don't let that get in your way. There are lots of ways to dispose of unwanted waste, and lots of them don't require leaving your home.
  • Email friends and family or post something on your Facebook page to see if they could take the item off your hands.
  • Post an online ad for your item - make sure to specify that pick-up is required.
  • Some charities will pick-up, free of charge, your unwanted item.
  • Book a vehicle through a car share co-op.
  • If your item requires landfilling, arrange a community disposal day with neighbours and ensure that someone has a vehicle.
  • This will save gas and save the environment.

How to prevent illegal dumping on your street or in your neighbourhood

If you manage or own a building, and there is repeated illegal dumping on your street or in your lane, the CRD suggests a combination of:
  • Building a private garbage enclosure
  • Posting security cameras
  • Consistently locking dumpsters, and other waste containers

Is it really garbage?

Many items can be recycled and do not need to go to the landfill as "garbage". Recycling plays an important role in the region's efforts to make Greater Victoria a green region. The Hartland landfill and recycling facility is one of many local depots that take recyclable items not picked up through the residential garbage service or the curbside blue box recycling program.

Visit to find out if your item is recyclable and locate your facility disposal options.

Report Illegal Dumping

You can report illegal dumping by contacting your local municipality.

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