2015 Update

This site is no longer being updated. This site remains visible as a record of the decisions and work of the Seaterra Commission. If you are looking for information on Wastewater Planning for the Capital Regional Core Area Please go to:

Wastewater Commission Moves to Scale Back Operations

Following the Core Area Wastewater Treatment Program Commission (formerly Seaterra Commission) meeting on July 31, 2015, Brenda Eaton, Commission Chair, announced that several steps have been completed to scale back operations and reduce costs as the Capital Regional District continues its planning work to find a new solution to wastewater treatment for the seven core municipalities.

The demobilization of the Seaterra Project Management Office commenced in June 2014, after the CRD requested that the Seaterra Program activity be suspended. Most of the staff have already left their positions or been reassigned to the CRD. By the end of September 2015, all staff will have completed their assignments and the office will close. In September 2015, the Commission closed the RFP for the McLoughlin Point wastewater treatment plant.

The Commission office space will be leased out by the CRD, and almost all of the contracts that were specific to the project have been terminated. Outstanding items remaining after the end of September will transition to the CRD for wrap-up.

The Commission itself remains in place, under the new name Core Area Wastewater Treatment Program Commission, waiting to implement whatever system of wastewater projects the CRD Board decides upon and is approved by the Province.

The Seaterra Program vision:

To deliver an effective and proven wastewater treatment system for the core area communities that eliminates the dumping of raw sewage into the ocean by 2018.

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