Wastewater Planning Update:

The Core Area wastewater project has completed the Options Development Phase by submitting an amendment to the Liquid Waste Management Plan. The Project has now moved into the Planning Phase. As a result, the role of the Technical Oversight Panel has concluded given the mandate is complete and an amendment has been submitted to the province. This page is no longer being updated, but its contents will remain throughout the site as a visible record of the work of the Technical Oversight Panel.

Technical Oversight Panel

In order to ensure that the rigorous costing and feasibility studies for the wastewater treatment options includes the necessary due diligence the Core Area Liquid Waste Management Committee (CALWMC) has selected six individuals to the Technical Oversight Panel (ToP):

  • Teresa Coady (Chair)
  • Susheel Arora
  • Robert Atkins
  • Roger Bailey
  • Bruce Jank
  • Jeff Snyder

The ToP will provide independent oversight to the work of the engineering, business case, lifecycle costing and other project analysis.

Technical Oversight Panel documents, including minutes, can be found in the CRD's Document Library.

Private Sector Vendor Presentations - Jan. 12

Resident Delegations to TOP

To keep with the transparent planning process, Core Area resident delegations to ToP on a range of topics including consideration of treatment technologies, have been posted here. All other delegations can be found as part of the agenda package for that respective meeting.

Review of Innovation Days Presentations

The Technical Oversight Panel following reviewed and assessed the presentations made on Westside Solutions’ Innovation Days on April 28, 29 & 30, 2015.