Gain background information and deepen your understanding of the CRD's Educator Guides and Resources in these interactive workshops for regional educators. Roll up your sleeves for hands-on experiments, preview program materials and learn strategies and skills to engage your students in environmental education.

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There are no fees for this service for educators working in the capital region.  

Explore ways you can help students discover that Every Drop Counts through an introduction to this grade 2 learning resource about water with a focus on local drinking water quality, protection and conservation. Take home a memory stick loaded with lesson plans, activities, videos and music to support instruction your classroom.

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Every Drop Counts Educator’s Guidebook


Want to develop environmental citizens of tomorrow? Increase awareness and individual action related to the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). Developed with K-7 teachers, this highly interactive professional development workshop gives educators more tools for teaching the 3R hierarchy in the classroom, making them meaningful to students’ lives. Participants receive a 3R educator’s guidebook of BC curriculum aligned lesson plans and activities as well as links to supplementary resources and related local programs.

Upcoming Workshops: There are currently no workshops scheduled.

3R Hierarchy Educator’s Guidebook


Participate in the workshop that accompanies the Water in our Community educator’s guidebook and tap into our expert staff for support in delivering multi-media learning resource aimed at helping to educate Grade 8-12 students about their local drinking water supply – where it comes from, its quality and how it is protected and conserved. Created in collaboration with teachers from School Districts 61, 62, 63.

Upcoming Workshops: There are currently no workshops scheduled.

Water in our Community Educator’s Guidebook