Harbours, Watersheds and Drinking Water Programs (Grades K-6)

The CRD offers a variety of environmental education programs to support classroom learning. These in-class water focused programs will create awareness of our connection to water and how it cycles and moves through the environment.


Harbours and Watersheds

Learn about local harbours and watersheds and the plants and animals that make them their home. Whether your class is studying salmon, trees, water quality or environmental stewardship, water and watersheds connect us all. Through hands on activities students will feel empowered to protect our waterways, ocean and environment.

Drinking Water and Being Water Wise

Curious about where our water comes from? A drinking water program will have topics and activities focusing on the local features and processes related to drinking water and being water wise. We will learn about where our drinking water comes from, how it is protected and what we can do to help conserve this precious resource.


There are no fees for these programs.


Programs Cancelled

As we monitor the COVID-19 situation, we are taking steps to support the safety and well-being of the community and our employees. The CRD has temporarily suspended in-class programs.

Educational Resources

Our teaching guides and resources provide curriculum-aligned activities, background information and reference material for specific lessons about watersheds or drinking water. Activities, videos, quizzes and additional resources are available in the For K-12 Students section.