Victoria Harbour is the centrepiece of the city. Its waters reflect the impressive views of the Parliament Buildings and the Empress Hotel, and the comings and goings of boats of all shapes and sizes. As a transportation corridor, a tourist promenade, an industrial zone, a migratory bird sanctuary and a recreational area, many demands are placed on the harbour to satisfy human needs and yet to retain its natural beauty. Although the industrial past and urban present have taken their toll on the environment, ecological values remain that are worth protecting. New developments and redevelopments along the shoreline in Victoria Harbour represent opportunities to restore some of the natural attributes of this heavily modified environment.

Did You Know?

  • The historic “park-like” setting around Victoria Harbour – Garry oak trees with wildflower meadows – was created and maintained through deliberate land management by First Nations.
  • An inlet and salt marsh once existed where the Empress Hotel now stands.
  • Victoria Harbour is a federal Migratory Bird Sanctuary.

About Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour Watersheds

  • Cecelia Creek


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Emergency Management of BC 1.800.663.3456
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