1.378 Funding - Search and Rescue - SSI

The CRD annually provides funding to contribute to the overhead (non-operational) costs of the Salt Spring Island Search and Rescue Society. The non profit society has over 30 volunteers who provide ground search and rescue services that include tracking, high angle rescue, first aid, wilderness navigation and survival radio communications and helicopter safety. The team provides mutual aid to other SAR teams and first responder agencies when requested.


In 1989, Search and Rescue on Salt Spring Island was ramping up, and by 2007 the CRD Board was asked to raise annual funding to contribute to the overhead costs for a Search and Rescue Service in the Salt Spring Island Electoral Area. By January 2008 the Board received SSI Elector approval to raise funding and in February 2008 the Board adopted Bylaw No 3494 Saltspring Island Search and Rescue Service Establishment Bylaw 2007 which established a service for the purpose of contributing to the overhead costs (rent/lease, telephone, utilities, administrative allocations) for a search and rescue service. The service continues to be authorized and administered under Bylaw No 3494.


The Society provides Search and Rescue Services in the Salt Spring Island Electoral Area and in the Southern Gulf Islands and receives an annual overhead funding contribution from the CRD. The CRD Planning, Transportation and Protective Services Department coordinates with the society.


The budget for this service is established through an annual CRD Financial Planning process, and is funded by an annual property value tax levied in the Salt Spring Island Electoral Area.

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