1.374 Regional Emergency Program Support

The purpose of this service is to provide an information and resource management system to coordinate with local emergency programs in support of local authorities and strengthen capacity to manage a multi-jurisdictional emergency event or regional disaster.

The program was developed with the support and partnership of Emergency Management BC (EMBC) and continues to work with the Province to develop strong communication links between local governments and the Provincial Emergency Program (PEP) for both emergency planning and response.

The Regional Emergency Coordinators Advisory Commission (RECAC) and the Emergency Program Support Advisory Commission (EPSAC) support the service through their activities and advice to the CRD Board. The commissions are engaged in working towards greater coordination of information and resources during an emergency event.


The CRD Board established the Regional Emergency Coordinators Advisory Commission in 1999 to start the process of regional emergency coordination. By provincial regulation, the CRD Board became the Local Authority for the electoral areas under the Emergency Program Act on March 26, 2004. With full responsibility for electoral area emergencies, regional coordination for emergencies became an increasing priority of the CRD. On April 13, 2008 the CRD Board adopted Bylaw No 3530 "Regional Service for Emergency Program Support Establishment Bylaw No, 1, 2008". The service continues to be authorized under Bylaw No 3530.


A standing committee established by the CRD Board oversees the service and makes recommendations to the Board regarding regional emergency program support. There are two advisory commissions (Regional Emergency Coordinators Advisory Commission and the Emergency Program Support Advisory Commission) that aid the committee in its emergency program responsibilities. The service is operated and administered by the CRD Planning & Protective Services Department.


The budget for this service is established through an annual CRD Financial Planning process and is funded by an annual property value tax levied in all the municipalities and electoral areas of the CRD.