Baker Ridge Trail connects Baker Road to Quarry Drive.

This trail, together with Quarry Drive Park Trail, make for a nice hiking loop. Park at the end of Baker Road, take the stairs down to the water’s edge, then turn right down the beach. check the tide tables before you head out because at high tide there is not much beach to walk on.  After a few hundred meters you’ll see a concrete ramp and steps leading back up to the ridge. Follow that trail (Quarry Drive Park Trail) up and over the ridge and you end up on Quarry Drive. Turn right, walk a couple of hundred meters to the end of the cul-de-sac, where you’ll see Baker Ridge trail that takes you back to Baker Road. This trail is steep and you need to be careful when descending it. The entire loop will take between 45 minutes to an hour depending on your hiking speed.


Trail Length: 450 meters

Trail Rating: Challenging

Trail Use: Hike only


How to Get There

Access: Baker Road near 431; Quarry Drive entrance at end of Quarry near 245, Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Island
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Trail Habits

Community parks and trails belong to you. Regulations exist so that residents and visitors can enjoy and appreciate these areas safely.

Non-motorized cyclists and horseback riders are welcome on PARC trails, unless otherwise posted. Please share the trail, pass with care and control your speed.

Please respect our neighbours by staying on the trails and by observing park boundaries.

These trails are day-use only. No overnight camping is permitted.

Respect the natural state of our trails, and take your garbage with you.

Dogs are welcome, but please keep them under control or on leash; and please clean up after them.

The following are prohibited, under our Parks Bylaw:

  • removal of any natural material, including plants
  • disturbance or removal of any wildlife
  • camping or open fires
  • alcohol consumption
  • motorized vehicles
  • firearms and hunting

As natural and man-made hazards may exist, caution is advised.

Dog Restrictions

Dogs are welcome on trails within the PARC system. Our trails are not off-leash areas, but have a ‘Leash Smart’ common sense approach to your walking with your dog.

‘Leash Smart’ practices ask that dog guardians:

  • Keep dogs in sight and under voice control
  • Leash dogs at all trail heads, intersections and when approaching others or wildlife
  • Control your dog to avoid conflict with wildlife, people or other dogs. If your dog does not always return when called, then please keep it on a leash.
  • Do not let your dog run off the trail, dig or chase wildlife.
  • Bring your plastic bags to pick up after your dog, and take them with you to dispose of.

Salt Spring Islanders love their dogs, and dogs keep us walking and healthy.