If you've made the decision that you want to add another member to your family, please come and meet our little friends in person. We are always looking for homes for almost every type of animal throughout the year. Once you have chosen a pet you will be required to complete an Adoption Application Form which consists of questions that will help us determine whether you will be a suitable owner for the animal you are applying for. For the adoption of dogs, an Animal Control Officer will attend your property to ensure that you meet the requirements which are determined on a case by case basis.

Once approved there is the adoption fee, and for dogs you will also be required to purchase a Dog Licence for the Municipality you reside in.

Here is a great video from the SPCA:

Adoption Fees**

Adoption fees for a dog or cat include spay or neuter, first round of standard vaccines, deworm, deflea, microchip and 6 weeks of pet insurance. Rabbit adoption fees also include spay or neuter, deworm and deflea.

All animals are provided with medical care if required while in our care.   

Animal Adoption Fee
Dog $500
Cat $400
Rabbit $75
Guinea Pig $25
Gerbil/Rat/Mouse/Hamster $25
Bird $25

Updated September 1, 2023.
Fees subject to change without notice

Other Animals

Contact the CRD Animal Shelter for adoption fees for animals other than the ones listed above.

CRD Adoption Policy

This policy has been created to give guidelines for adopting and euthanizing animals, either impounded or surrendered, to the Capital Regional District. The policy attempts to strike a balance between the desire to treat animals humanely and sympathetically and the necessity for protecting the public interest.

  1. Every animal released for adoption must have the approval of the Kennel Master. This approval will be indicated by his/her signature on the release portion of the impound form.
  2. Animals may be adopted out of the CRD Animal Shelter or through another facility which meets the approval of the Chief Bylaw Officer. The approved adoption agencies are, Pets West and bona fide Animal Rescue Societies approved by the Chief Bylaw Officer.
  3. Animals adopted out through another agency are adopted out under the policies of that agency. However, no animals can be given to another agency for adoption unless it meets the standards as set out in sections 4 through 14 outlined below.
  4. Only animals in good health will be put up for adoption.
  5. Animals with behavioural problems, either demonstrated by the animal or indicated by the previous owner, cannot be adopted. Animals demonstrating aggression to either people or other animals will not be put up for adoption.
  6. Only puppies and kittens older than 8 weeks will be put up for adoption.
  7. All dogs adopted out must be licensed for the district in which the adopting owner resides.
  8. Animals must not be adopted out to the neighbourhood from which they originated.
  9. Staff will discuss the following with prospective owners:
    1. The life expectancy of most dogs and cats can be around fifteen years. Will their commitment last that long?
    2. The high cost of keeping a dog or cat (i.e. vet bills, food bills, etc.)
    3. The need for proper training. Recommend that the owner and dog attend a dog obedience course
    4. The requirements of the Animal Control Bylaw.
    If the staff person is not satisfied that the prospective owners have taken into consideration the above factors they may refuse to adopt the animal to that person.
  10. No animal shall be adopted out as a gift for another person.
  11. No animal will be adopted unless the new owner signs the adoption contract and waiver.

Complete the online adoption application.

Animal Shelter Hours & Location

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Viewing times

1 - 4pm Monday to Saturday

Regular Hours

9:30am - 4:30pm Monday to Saturday

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