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Community Events and Outreach 220x136 hh The CRD Parks, Recreation & Environmental Services department is a community leader helping to engage, educate and empower citizens to make greener choices through providing information they need about sustainable behaviour. Our community Outreach Team attends community events across the capital region. Look for our team making a difference in your community.

Booking the CRD outreach team for your event

Community Events and Outreach - Book an event 220x136 hhAre you organizing an upcoming community event and would like to have the CRD outreach team participate with an educational display booth? Our mandate is to promote and encourage positive environmental behaviour. Attending community events large and small across the region helps us connect with residents of the capital region. Please complete the event request form for a community display and someone from our outreach team will be in touch. Request the CRD outreach team for your event.

Booking event speakers

Outreach representatives offer information sessions to businesses and organizations focused on how their employees can become more sustainable in the workplace and in your home. We support offices across the region in their efforts to green their workplace. Topics range from waste reduction, water conservation, pollution prevention and more! Request an event speaker

Booking a picnic shelter

Four picnic shelters are available for reservation in regional parks. All shelters offer undercover picnic table seating and nearby toilet facilities. Barbeques are permitted. Read more >>

CRD Water Stations Booking Request Form

Offer your participants, volunteers and staff clean, safe, local drinking water with CRD's water refill stations. Encourage everyone to BYORB - bring your own reusable bottle - to reduce event waste and save energy!

Please note the following booking requirements:

  • Your event must be within the Capital Regional District (CRD), connected to the Sooke Lake Reservoir water supply, and be accessible to a municipal potable water source.
  • Event hosts must be able to pick up and drop off the stations at CRD's headquarters (625 Fisgard St.) during business hours, Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm.
  • Event hosts must be able to lift 55lbs and understand the physical demand of setting up the water stations.
  • Event hosts will read and follow all setup procedures for the water stations, including the water disinfection protocol prior to the event.
  • Event hosts will complete a post-event inspection of the water stations prior to returning them to CRD.
  • Event hosts will read and complete CRD's liability waiver.
  • Event hosts will provide the CRD with any supporting documents requested, in relation to the event.

Event information

Must be minimum of four (4) hours.
Will there be bottled water sales through concession or vendors?

Is this event licensed for alcohol sales?

Is there a cost for the CRD to participate in this event?

What type of event is this?

Permit information

Has an event permit application been made?*

Do you have authorization to use an on-site potable water source (eg. tap, hose bibb)? Note: the CRD is not responsible for costs incurred. Water source must not come from irrigation.*

Is the event coordinator responsible for water approval?

Location for the water stations

The location of the water stations must be on level ground and within 10m of the potable water source connection.

If distance is more than 10m to potable water source, additional water hoses can be connected.

Does your location meet these criteria?*

Is there sufficient space for a CRD display to promote regional water conservation initiatives?

Is the water station location accessible by vehicle?*

Will the stations be set up in one location at the event or at multiple locations on site?*

Is there a designated space for placement of the outlet hose to drain excess water from the refill stations?*

If this is a multi-day event, will on-site security be provided?*

What surface will the water stations be located on?

Contact information


Personal information on this form is collected by the Capital Regional District (CRD) under Section 26 (c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be used to enable and support the water station booking process. Should you have questions about the collection of this information, please contact Jody Watson, Supervisor, Environmental Stewardship Initiatives, 625 Fisgard Street, Victoria BC, V8W 1R7, at 250.360.3307 or by email.

Community festivals, events, and workshops

We are committed to sustainability and supporting the communities we serve. Our Outreach team visits events around the capital region to show people just how easy it is to be an environmental ambassador. We bring interactive activities that are fun for the entire family.