Projects, Series and Extended Programming Grants

Projects, Series and Extended Programming Grants (Project Grants) support non-profit arts organizations.

Funding can be used to produce and present:

  • One-time projects
  • A short series of events
  • Extended programming within a year
Activities may include:
  • Support for artistic growth
  • Development of an art project
  • Production of an arts event
  • Presentation of arts activities

Next deadline: Spring 2025 (TBD)

Who Can Apply

Applicants must:

  • Be a registered non-profit organization in one of the following jurisdictions, based on their physical address:
    • Saanich
    • Victoria
    • Oak Bay
    • Esquimalt
    • View Royal
    • Highlands
    • Metchosin
    • Sooke
    • Southern Gulf Islands (except Salt Spring Island)
  • Have arts programming as their primary mandate and purpose.
  • Have been active in the region for six months.

Applicants must not be:

  • Individual artists.
  • Civic departments or branches (such as libraries or community centres).
  • Clubs and organizations whose main mandate involves social service, sports, religion or education.
  • Receiving CRD operating funding.
  • Bankrupt, seeking creditor protection, unable to pay debts when they are due, or under court supervision.
  • Providing payment of any kind to board members.

If an applicant has not submitted a final report for their previous CRD Grant, they may still be eligible to apply with approval from the CRD Arts & Culture Manager. However, the applicant may only receive funds for the new grant after they have submitted a complete final report for the previous one.

Ineligible Activities

These expenses are not eligible for funding:

  • Contests and competitions
  • Conferences, workshops and other forms of training
  • Scholarships
  • Purchasing, improving or maintaining capital assets (such as buildings, vehicles, equipment or land)
  • Food, beverages and other hospitality costs
  • Touring, travel expenses, or tourism promotion
  • Elimination or reduction of accumulated debts
  • Expenses for events or activities that have already taken place

How to Apply

  1. Review the guidelines and sample application for Project Grants.
  2. Contact us with questions, to confirm your organization's eligibility and to request an application form.
  3. Complete the application and gather supporting documents. Include a scanned signature with your application.
  4. Email your complete application to the address on the application form by 4:30 pm on the deadline.

Information sessions

    Grant Amounts

    For Projects, Series and Extended Programming Grants, the amount awarded is determined by the evidence of demonstrated need in the application, by the needs of other applications received at the same deadline, and by limits to available resources.

    If you receive a grant

    Acknowledge CRD support

    You should acknowledge CRD Arts & Culture support in any promotion material related to your funded project.

    Final reports

    You must send us a final report within two months of completing your project. Contact us to request final report forms.

    Contact Us

    Confirm eligibility and request an application form:
    Tel: 250.360.3215
    Email Arts & Culture


    Grant request recommendation

     $1,000 - $10,000*
    *Smaller grant requests may be prioritized for funding. Awards for more than $10,000 are rare—these applications should show that there is a clear need for an exception to be made.