paperscroll-hhBefore applying for a building permit make sure your project meets the following requirements:

  • You are the registered owner of the property or have permission to act on the owner’s behalf
  • Property has the correct zoning
  • Property is registered at the Land Title Office
  • Property is accessible by an approved access/driveway
  • Essential services have or will be provided for
  • Building plans conform to current building, land use and zoning bylaws and all other applicable enactments
  • Property address has been assigned
  • Electrical, gas and sewage disposal work require separate permits and inspections. Contact the appropriate agency listed on this site.

To apply for a permit we ask that you submit a completed application form along with the required plan processing fee and supporting documents to the building inspection office in your area. You can either apply in person or submit your application through the mail.

The average processing time for building permits is up to eight weeks for Malahat, Willis Point, Southern Gulf Islands and up to 16 weeks for Juan de Fuca, provided all of the required documents have been submitted with the application. In cases where outside agency approval is required the processing time may take longer.

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