Adopting an Animal

If you've made the decision that you want to add another member to your family, please come and meet our little friends in person.

Pets for Adoption

The CRD Animal Shelter has beautiful dogs waiting to be welcomed into a good home. If you are looking to adopt a new best friend, please visit the Pound.

Lost Animals

The CRD Animal Shelter provides shelter for lost or abandoned animals with care, and makes every effort to reunite missing animals with their families.

Licencing for Dogs

Licences are mandatory for all dogs four months or older in the CRD.

Petiquette Perks Rewards Program

Information on the Petiquette Perks Rewards Program as well as Participating Partners.

Identification for Cats

No matter how careful you are as a cat owner, your cat may become lost. Without some form of identification, your cat could end up at a shelter.

Register an Animal Complaint

For animal complaints and control issues, please contact us.

Volunteering at the Animal Shelter

Not everyone can be a pet owner, but everyone can be a pet lover.

Making a Donation

The CRD Animal Shelter welcomes all kinds of donations including: cash donations, food, towels, blankets, pet beds, carrying cages, toys, and other animal related equipment.

CRD Shelter & Bylaw Enforcement

CRD Bylaw and Animal Care Services have been functioning as an Animal Control agency for over 20 years.

Animal Shelter Hours & Location

5401 Pat Bay Highway (Three driveways past the Weigh Scale across from Elk Lake)

Viewing times

1pm - 4pm Monday to Saturday

Regular Hours

9:30am - 4:30pm Monday to Saturday

Tel: 250.658.5745